Error! Not Found’s Family Game Night Vol. 01 Ep. 07

FGN PicIt is time for another thrilling installment of Family Game Night, this time with more humility and stupidity than ever before!

Evan is a devious little bastard sometimes. Through this entire game we’ve been destroyed by saw blades, gone through insane puzzles, jumping into pits of ether, and even thrown a few slugs over our shoulders from time to time. The admin has been guiding us along on this weird and crazy adventure and I seriously have no idea where it goes from here.

We start off with a quick game of Cards Against Humanity to see how terrible Evan is as a human being, then dive head first into some hot Call of Cthulhu action. Will Gus and Salty ever make love? Will Veronica ever figure out what the hell is going on? Will C.K. Dexter save everyone? No, probably not. But let’s find out on this extra spooky episode!