Error! Report #083

Error! Report LogoWelcome to the happiest podcast on Earth!

Ryan is out again this week, slumming it in Disney World for the first time in his life, so it’s up to Matthew, Evan, and myself to steer the podcast in interesting directions. Which means we talk about Disney World and Disneyland for like 30 minutes — I’m not kidding. Once we bring the podcast back to its natural topics like video games, we start talking about Iron Man 3 in D-Box and a great little TV show called Community.

If you want to know exactly what kind of games we talk about those are really all over the place. From Skyrim to Red Faction to The Witcher to Halo 4 to Way of the Dogg to extra depressing indie games like Actual Sunlight (which everyone should play); we kind of talk about a little of everything this week. Therefore this podcast is extra long for your listening pleasure!