Terror! Report: White Day [Part 9] – The End?

WhiteDayThis is the end of our White Day playthrough. It’s a bittersweet conclusion if there ever was one.

Soon after we wrapped on this episode, my antivirus software claimed the White Day executable was a trojan horse and therefore needed to be removed immediately. And that’s basically White Day in a nutshell: a virus that attacks when you least expect it. No, White Day isn’t the scariest game ever made, but there’s some genuinely creepy stuff in it that really got me (as you’ve no doubt already seen).

But this does pave the way for us to try out more horror games that are lost to the ages or from overseas markets, because ultimately White Day is a cool game — it’s horribly fucking broken at times, but cool.

Anyway, join Evan, Kyle, and I one last time as we venture into the labyrinth named school.