Error! Not Found’s Fright Night: Episode 1

FrightNightWelcome, Creepy Crawlies to Error! Not Found’s brand new horror themed podcast: Fright Night. I hope you brought an extra pair of socks, because you’re about to get scared right out of the ones you’re wearing!

In this podcast we have chosen two horror movies to watch, preferably ones the other hasn’t seen before. We watch them separately and say nothing to each other about the movies until the microphones are hot and we’re recording. We discuss (in detail) the good and bad of each movie, then give it a rating on our normal 1-5 scale.

This week’s movies are Let the Right One In and Ju-On: The Grudge (both are available on Netflix Instant). You should definitely watch both of these movies before consuming the audio file below, there will definitely be spoilers — and we’re not liable for blood spilling forth from your ears.

(Next week’s movies are The Frighteners and Grave Encounters both also on Netflix Instant) Please be sure to comment with your horror themed questions, or suggestions of horror movies for us to watch in future episodes!