Thoughts on Breaking Bad: Buried

After all that is done, can one bury their past?

BBS5B_Gallery_0934_RGB_V1-5After last week’s thrilling ending, Breaking Bad  continued in a equally enthralling and well paced episode. Even though it means the end of a great series I am enjoying this- alot.

Like last week’s episode, “Buried” continued with Hank trying to find a feasible way to bring down his brother-in-law. Reaching out to Skyler seemed like the most logical choice. Hank realized her desperate situation and tried to help. Yet, to Skyler’s advantage, he does not know how deeply involved she is and so Skyler played it smart and decided to grab a lawyer. Skyler may not be the biggest advocate for her husband, but she will not let his decisions take her down as well. That is not how she plays the game. She plays it on her own field and on her own terms-terms in which can be heavily tipped in her favor if she plays her cards right. At this point I go back and forth as to whether or not I want to see Skyler go down alongside her husband. Her and Walt’s relationship has always been a back and forth struggle, and while she may be innocent of Walt’s actions, she is not entirely innocent.

This was made clear in her confrontation with Marie, and their subsequent falling out. The sheer hatred that Marie has for her sister was clearly seen when she tried to take Skyler’s daughter away (but not Walt Jr. who has been used sparingly these last two episodes). It was a definitive moment that shows the consequences of Walt’s actions and their effects on his family.

With Walter leaving the business, Lydia had to deal with some consequences of her own. With her now having to find someone else to cook the meth to Walt’s standards, she has a few problems on her hands to say the least. I cannot see Lydia surviving to the end. She has just had unbelievable luck thus far. Well luck was on her side once more as she survived the shootout between the cook’s, only to be rescued by Todd and his uncle, who is now clearly out of prison. With Lydia left to re-build an empire will this lead to an all out turf war for control? I think so.

As always, there were some significant details that made this episode stand out. Walt pleading with Skyler to keep the money so that his actions were not meaningless; Hank poignantly realizing that Walt’s conviction will be the end of his career; and most of all the final moment with Hank confronting Jesse. Walt may be trying to bury his past, but that does not mean it can’t be dug up. With so called friends and enemies alike circling in on him perhaps he should have dug an extra hole for himself alongside his fortune.

5 Star Rating