Error! Report #105

Error! Report LogoWe are experiencing technical difficulties, please hold.

This episode was a real doozy to record. We had to re-record the beginning three or four different times and use a variety of methods to make everything work. This episode does have some audio hitches in the first hour, which are remedied around the 01:10 mark or so. We apologize for this. It’s still listenable and we have some fun and interesting conversations, so I decided to keep it. This is mainly due to some strange problem with my MacBook that I’m working to fix for next week. Either way, it won’t or shouldn’t happen again.

In terms of what we actually talked about, Evan had some thoughts about Beyond: Two Souls, Ryan and I had some thoughts on The Wolf Among Us Episode 1, and Matthew had thoughts.

Join us on a three hour tour of hijinks and hoodwinks in this rip-roaring fun-time episode of Error! Report!