Introducing: A New Staff Member!

New_Challenger_ApproachingHello. My name is Michael Hoskins, and I like video games. In fact, I like video games so much, I decided to apply for a writing position at this very website, and as fate would have it, I got the gig. I’m here to tell you a little bit about myself, and perhaps I’ll be able to persuade you into reading some of my future works as well.

Even at a young age, I knew that I wanted video games to be a part of my adult life in a meaningful way. I didn’t just want to play video games when I grew up, I wanted to make them. However, this was before I learned that making a video game was a difficult and horrifying process that I was not cut out for. I then discovered game journalism, and slowly but surely fell in love with the idea. I could combine two things I love to do, gaming and writing, and at some point even get paid for it! There was only one problem. I was an awful writer.

I loved to write, don’t get me wrong. Any time my school would require me to write a passage or essay on something, I would do it with a smile on my face, but that was the only practice I ever had. So when I discovered Game Informer’s website, and more specifically their blogging and review sections, I knew what I had to do. I wrote and posted my own blogs, and with each post, I learned. I learned what writing styles worked for me. I learned the dos and don’ts of writing on the internet. I even learned of the importance of community feedback. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was steadily improving. With every post and with every comment, I was actually becoming a halfway decent writer, and I was proud of myself for it.

Over the summer of 2013, I fell out of writing. I was already feeling a little indifferent to it, but my laptop breaking and destroying any access to Game Informer I had was the moment I felt I was done with writing. Any memories I had on the subject were always about the mistakes I had made. I laughed at the thought of anyone believing my writing quality was anything besides terrible, especially seeing how well all of my friends wrote.

Sometime around September or October of 2013, I gained access to a computer again, and I wrote a blog on Game Informer explaining why I suddenly left everybody. During the process of creating said blog, I realized once again how much I genuinely enjoyed writing. Even if I wasn’t the best at it, I was doing something that was fun to me, and that helped me make several more blogs and reviews.

One day, on a whim, I asked Clint if they were looking for any new people to add to the Error! writing staff. I’m not entirely positive what possessed me to do it, considering I knew I didn’t have the same skill as Error! crew, but he told me to email Evan about it regardless. And, well, here I am, so I probably don’t need to explain what happened after that email was sent.

Now that I’ve been given this opportunity, I couldn’t be happier. I’m more excited to write now than I’ve ever been, and I’m extremely grateful that Evan and Clint allowed me this position. I sincerely hope that I’m able to live up to the rest of Error! Not Found’s writing staff, and I also hope you all will help me achieve that goal.

Thank you, all of you.