The Series Regular #001 – Roseanne Season 1 (Part 1)

series regularHey! You found a new weekly podcast! Good for you!

We’ve long struggled to devise some reliably good television coverage for this site. Would we do a podcast about a bunch of different shows? Written reviews? It was all for naught, but I think we’ve stumbled into a pretty good groove with this new podcast.

Each week, we’ll be discussing half of a full season of a show in an hour, going episode-by-episode, assigning letter grades and speaking more generally about how the show’s working for us. Or… isn’t working for us. We’re starting with the groundbreaking, 9-season sitcom behemoth¬†Roseanne, but we’ll be peppering some other shows along that journey just to keep the whole thing varied. Either way, if two guys with high school diplomas analyzing¬†Roseanne¬†sounds like your kind of thing, then boy, let me tell you, you’re in luck. It’s… The Series Regular!