You Might Also Like… The Mountain Goats & Nine Inch Nails

Audio_cassetteIt’s a new podcast!

We have a video game podcast. We have a television podcast. Now we have a trifecta. No, this isn’t a movie podcast. It’s a music podcast, dummy!

Evan and Matthew are here to talk about what they’ve been listening to. Then, in the second segment, we discuss the single album we forced each other to listen to. And finally, we build and explain the titular mixtapes. Evan crafted a 10-song playlist to help a newcomer penetrate The Mountain Goats, and Matthew did the same for Nine Inch Nails. Those playlists can be found in a listenable format below!

This is basically a test run for the actual show, which’ll be airing the first of every month. We’re going to try and make it shorter, and work out any audio problems we might have. Until then, enjoy! And please do leave us feedback. We love feedback.