Twin Peaks — Episode Grades From The Series Regular

Here are all of Evan and Matthew’s episode, season, and series grades from their trip through Twin Peaks.


S1E01 – Pilot/Northwest Passage: Evan/A+, Matthew/A+

S1E02 – Episode 1/Traces to Nowhere: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S1E03 – Episode 2/Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S1E04 – Episode 3/Rest in Pain: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S1E05 – Episode 4/The One-Armed Man: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S1E06 – Episode 5/Cooper’s Dreams: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S1E07 – Episode 6/Realization Time: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S1E08 – Episode 7/The Last Evening: Evan/A+, Matthew/A


Season 1 – Evan/A+, Matthew/A



S2E01 – Episode 8/May the Giant Be with You: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S2E02 – Episode 9/Coma: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S2E03 – Episode 10/The Man Behind Glass: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S2E04 – Episode 11/Laura’s Secret Diary: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S2E05 – Episode 12/The Orchid’s Curse: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S2E06 – Episode 13/Demons: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S2E07 – Episode 14/Lonely Souls: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S2E08 – Episode 15/Drive with a Dead Girl: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S2E09 – Episode 16/Arbitrary Law: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S2E10 – Episode 17/Dispute Between Brothers: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S2E11 – Episode 18/Masked Ball: Evan/C, Matthew/C+

S2E12 – Episode 19/The Black Widow: Evan/C-, Matthew/C-

S2E13 – Episode 20/Checkmate: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S2E14 – Episode 21/Double Play: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S2E15 – Episode 22/Slaves and Masters: Evan/C-, Matthew/C-

S2E16 – Episode 23/The Condemned Woman: Evan/B, Matthew/B-

S2E17 – Episode 24/Wounds and Scars: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S2E18 – Episode 25/On the Wings of Love: Evan/C, Matthew/C

S2E19 – Episode 26/Variations on Relations: Evan/B-, Matthew/B-

S2E20 – Episode 27/The Path to the Black Lodge: Evan/B-, Matthew/B-

S2E21 – Episode 28/Miss Twin Peaks: Evan/B+, Matthew/B

S2E22 – Episode 29/Beyond Life and Death: Evan/A+, Matthew/A+

N/A – Fire Walk With Me: Evan/D+, Matthew/C-


Season 2 – Evan/B+, Matthew/B+