Roseanne – Episode Grades From The Series Regular

Here’s every goddamned grade assigned to our first ever completed tentpole show. 


S1E01 – Life and Stuff: Evan/C, Matthew/C+

S1E02 – We’re In the Money: Evan/C, Matthew/C

S1E03 – D-I-V-O-R-C-E: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S1E04 – Language Lessons: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S1E05 – Radio Days: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S1E06 – Lovers’ Lane: Evan/C, Matthew/C

S1E07 – The Memory Game: Evan/B-, Matthew/B-

S1E08 – Here’s to Good Friends: Evan/C-, Matthew/C-

S1E09 – Dan’s Birthday Bash: Evan/A-, Matthew/B+

S1E10 – Saturday: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S1E11 – Canoga Time: Evan/B-, Matthew/B-

S1E12 – The Monday Thru Friday Show: Evan/C-, Matthew/C-

S1E13 – Bridge Over Troubled Sonny: Evan/B+, Matthew/B

S1E14 – Father’s Day: Evan/A-, Matthew/A

S1E15 – Nightmare on Oak Street: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S1E16 – Mall Story: Evan/C+, Matthew/B-

S1E17 – Becky’s Choice: Evan/B-, Matthew/C+

S1E18 – The Slice of Life: Evan/B, Matthew/B-

S1E19 – Workin’ Overtime: Evan/C-, Matthew/D+

S1E20 – Toto, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: Evan/B-, Matthew/C+

S1E21 – Death and Stuff: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S1E22 – Dear Mom and Dad: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S1E23 – Let’s Call It Quits: Evan/C, Matthew/C

Season 1 – Evan/C+, Matthew/C+


S2E01 – Inherit the Wind: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S2E02 – The Little Sister: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S2E03 – Guilt by Disassociation: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S2E04 – Somebody Stole My Gal: Evan/B, Matthew/A-

S2E05 – House of Grown-ups: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S2E06 – Five of a Kind: Evan/D, Matthew/D

S2E07 – BOO!: Evan/C+, Matthew/C

S2E08 – Sweet Dreams: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S2E09 – We Gather Together: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S2E10 – Brain-Dead Poets Society: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S2E11 – Lobocop: Evan/C, Matthew/C

S2E12 – No Talking: Evan/B+, Matthew/B

S2E13 – Chicken Hearts: Evan/B-, Matthew/B-

S2E14 – One for the Road: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S2E15 – An Officer and a Gentleman: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S2E16 – Born to Be Wild: Evan/C, Matthew/C+

S2E17 – Hair: Evan/D, Matthew/D

S2E18 – I’m Hungry: Evan/D, Matthew/D

S2E19 – All of Me: Evan/B, Matthew/B-

S2E20 – To Tell the Truth: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S2E21 – Fender Bender: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S2E22 – April Fool’s Day: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S2E23 – Fathers and Daughters: Evan/B, Matthew/B+

S2E24 – Happy Birthday: Evan/B, Matthew/B-

Season 2 – Evan/B-, Matthew/B-


S3E01 – The Test: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S3E02 – Friends and Relatives: Evan/B-, Matthew/B-

S3E03 – Like a Virgin: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S3E04 – Like a New Job: Evan/B-, Matthew/C+

S3E05 – Goodbye Mr. Right: Evan/B-, Matthew/B-

S3E06 – Becky, Beds and Boys: Evan/B, Matthew/B-

S3E07 – Trick or Treat: Evan/C, Matthew/C

S3E08 – PMS, I Love You: Evan/B, Matthew/B+

S3E09 – Bird is the Word: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S3E10 – Dream Lover: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S3E11 – Do You Know Where Your Parents Are?: Evan/B-, Matthew/B-

S3E12 – Confessions: Evan/A, Matthew/A-

S3E13 – The Courtship of Eddie, Dan’s Father: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S3E14 – The Wedding: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S3E15 – Becky Doesn’t Live Here Anymore: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S3E16 – Home-Ec: Evan/B-, Matthew/C+

S3E17 – Valentine’s Day: Evan/C, Matthew/C

S3E18 – Communicable Theater: Evan/B-, Matthew/B-

S3E19 – Vegas Interruptus: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S3E20 – Her Boyfriend’s Back: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S3E21 – Troubles with the Rubbles: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S3E22 – Second Time Around: Evan/C, Matthew/C+

S3E23 – Dances with Darlene: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S3E24 – Scene from a Barbecue: Evan/D+, Matthew/C-

S3E25 – The Pied Piper of Lanford: Evan/C, Matthew/C

Season 3 – Evan/B-, Matthew/B


S4E01 – A Bitter Pill to Swallow: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S4E02 – Take My Bike…Please!: Evan/B, Matthew/B-

S4E03 – Why Jackie Becomes a Trucker: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S4E04 – Darlene Fades to Black: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S4E05 – Tolerate Thy Neighbor: Evan/B+, Matthew/B

S4E06 – Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down: Evan/C-, Matthew/C

S4E07 – Vegas: Evan/D, Matthew/D

S4E08 – Vegas, Vegas: Evan/D-, Matthew/D-

S4E09 – Stressed to Kill: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S4E10 – Thanksgiving ’91: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S4E11 – Kansas City, Here We Come: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S4E12 – Santa Claus: Evan/B-, Matthew/B

S4E13 – Bingo: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S4E14 – The Bowling Show: Evan/D+, Matthew/D+

S4E15 – The Back Story: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S4E16 – Less is More: Evan/B, Matthew/B-

S4E17 – Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S4E18 – This Old House: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S4E19 – The Commercial Show: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S4E20 – Therapy: Evan/A, Matthew/A-

S4E21 – Lies: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S4E22 – Deliverance: Evan/B-, Matthew/B-

S4E23 – Secrets: Evan/B+, Matthew/A-

S4E24 – Don’t Make Me Over: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S4E25 – Aliens: Evan/A, Matthew/A

Season 4 – Evan/B+, Matthew/B+


S5E01 – Terms of Estrangement: Part 1: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S5E02 – Terms of Estrangement: Part 2: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S5E03 – The Dark Ages: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S5E04 – Mommy Nearest: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S5E05 – Pretty in Black: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S5E06 – Looking for Loans in All the Wrong Places: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S5E07 – Halloween IV: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S5E08 – Ladies’ Choice: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S5E09 – Stand on Your Man: Evan/B, Matthew/B-+

S5E10 – Good Girls, Bad Girls: Evan/A, Matthew/A-

S5E11 – Of Ice and Men: Evan/B, Matthew/B+

S5E12 – No Place Like Home for the Holidays: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S5E13 – Crime and Punishment: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S5E14 – War and Peace: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S5E15 – Lanford Daze: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S5E16 – Wait Till Your Father Gets Home: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S5E17 – First Cousin, Twice Removed: Evan/B, Matthew/B-

S5E18 – Lose a Job, Winnebago: Evan/B-, Matthew/B-

S5E19 – It’s a Boy: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S5E20 – It Was Twenty Years Ago Today: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S5E21 – Playing with Matches: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S5E22 – Promises, Promises: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S5E23 – Glengarry, Glen Rosey: Evan/B+, Matthew/B

S5E24 – Tooth or Consequences: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S5E25 – Daughters and Other Strangers: Evan/A, Matthew/A

Season 5 – Evan/A, Matthew/A


S6E01 – Two Down, One to Go: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S6E02 – The Mommy’s Curse: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S6E03 – Party Politics: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S6E04 – A Stash from the Past: Evan/A, Matthew/A-

S6E05 – Be My Baby: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S6E06 – Halloween V: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S6E07 – Homeward Bound: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S6E08 – Guilt by Imagination: Evan/A-, Matthew/A

S6E09 – Homecoming: Evan/C+, Matthew/B-

S6E10 – Thanksgiving ’93: Evan/B+. Matthew/B+

S6E11 – The Driver’s Seat: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S6E12 – White Trash Christmas: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S6E13 – Suck Up or Shut Up: Evan/C-, Matthew/C

S6E14 – Busted: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S6E15 – David vs. Goliath: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S6E16 – Everyone Comes to Jackie’s: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S6E17 – Don’t Make Room for Daddy: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S6E18 – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Evan/B-, Matthew/B-

S6E19 – Labor Day: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S6E20 – Past Imperfect: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S6E21 – Lies My Father Told Me: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S6E22 – I Pray the Lord My Stove to Keep: Evan/B+, Matthew/A-

S6E23 – Body by Jake: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S6E24 – Isn’t It Romantic?: Evan/B-, Matthew/B-

S6E25 – Altar Egos: Evan/B+, Matthew/A-

Season 6 – Evan/B+, Matthew/B+


S7E01 – Nine is Enough: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S7E02 – Two for One: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S7E03 – Snoop Davey Dave: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S7E04 – Girl Talk: Evan/B-, Matthew/B-

S7E05 – Sleeper: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S7E06 – Skeleton in the Closet: Evan/D+, Matthew/C-

S7E07 – Follow the Son: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S7E08 – Punch and Jimmy: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S7E09 – White Men Can’t Kiss: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S7E10 – Thanksgiving ’94: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S7E11 – Maybe Baby: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S7E12 – The Parenting Trap: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S7E13 – Rear Window: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S7E14 – My Name is Bev: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S7E15 – Bed and Bored: Evan/B, Matthew/B+

S7E16 – Sisters: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S7E17 – Lost Youth: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S7E18 – Single Married Female: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S7E19/20 – All About Rosey: Evan/C-, Matthew/C-

S7E21 – Husbands and Wives: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S7E22 – Happy Trailers: Evan/C, Matthew/C

S7E23 – The Blaming of the Shrew: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S7E24 – The Birds and the Frozen Bees: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S7E25 – Couch Potatoes: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S7E26 – Sherwood Schwartz: A Loving Tribute: Evan/D+, Matthew/D+

Season 7 – Evan/B, Matthew/B


S8E01 – Shower the People You Love With Stuff: Evan/C, Matthew/C

S8E02 – Let Them Eat Junk: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S8E03 – Roseanne in the Hood: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S8E04 – The Last Date: Evan/B-, Matthew/B-

S8E05 – Halloween: The Final Chapter: Evan/F, Matthew/F

S8E06 – The Fifties Show: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S8E07 – The Getaway, Almost: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S8E08 – The Last Thursday in November: Evan/D, Matthew/D

S8E09 – Of Mice and Dan: Evan/D+, Matthew/D+

S8E10 – Direct to Video: Evan/D, Matthew/D

S8E11 – December Bride: Evan/D, Matthew/D

S8E12 – The Thrilla Near the Vanilla Extract: Evan/D+, Matthew/C

S8E13 – The White Sheep of the Family: Evan/B, Matthew/B+

S8E14 – Becky Howser, M.D.: Evan/A-, Matthew/A

S8E15 – Out of the Past: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S8E16 – Construction Junction: Evan/C, Matthew/C

S8E17 – We’re Going to Disney World: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S8E18 – Disney World War II: Evan/D+, Matthew/D+

S8E19 – Springtime for David: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S8E20 – Another Mouth to Shut Up: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S8E21 – Morning Becomes Obnoxious: Evan/D+, Matthew/D+

S8E22 – Ballroom Blitz: Evan/D-, Matthew/D-

S8E23 – The Wedding: Evan/A-, Matthew/A-

S8E24 – Heart & Soul: Evan/B, Matthew/B-

S8E25 – Fights and Stuff: Evan/A, Matthew/A

Season 8 – Evan/C-, Matthew/C-


S9E01 – Call Waiting: Evan/C, Matthew/C

S9E02 – Millions from Heaven: Evan/B, Matthew/B-

S9E03 – What a Day for a Daydream: Evan/D+, Matthew/C-

S9E04 – Honor Thy Mother: Evan/C, Matthew/C-

S9E05 – Someday My Prince Will Come: Evan/D+, Matthew/D+

S9E06 – Pampered to a Pulp: Evan/D, Matthew/D

S9E07 – Satan, Darling: Evan/D, Matthew/D

S9E08 – Hoi Polloi Meets Hoiti Toiti: Evan/D+, Matthew/D+

S9E09 – Roseambo: Evan/F, Matthew/F

S9E10 – Home is Where the Afghan Is: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S9E11 – Mothers and Other Strangers: Evan/B-, Matthew/B

S9E12 – Home for the Holidays: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S9E13 – Say It Ain’t So: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S9E14 – Hit the Road, Jack: Evan/A, Matthew/A

S9E15 – The War Room: Evan/B+, Matthew/B+

S9E16 – Lanford’s Elite: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S9E17 – Some Enchanted Merger: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S9E18 – A Second Chance: Evan/B-, Matthew/B-

S9E19 – The Miracle: Evan/B, Matthew/B

S9E20 – Roseanne-Feld: Evan/B-, Matthew/B-

S9E21 – The Truth Be Told: Evan/C, Matthew/C-

S9E22 – Arsenic and Old Mom: Evan/C-, Matthew/D

S9E23/24 – Into That Good Night: Evan/A, Matthew/A

Season 9 – Evan/B-, Matthew/C+


1. Terms of Estrangement

2. Into That Good Night

3. An Officer and a Gentleman

4. It’s A Boy

5. Darlene Fades To Black


1. Terms of Estrangement

2. Aliens

3. Lies My Father Told Me

4. Into That Good Night

5. An Officer and a Gentleman