Welcome To The N.H.K – Episode Grades From The Series Regular

Our first ever featured anime gets the grading treatment.


S1E01 – Welcome to the Project!: Evan/C, Matthew/B-

S1E02 – Welcome to the Creator!: Evan/C, Matthew/C+

S1E03 – Welcome to the Beautiful Girls!: Evan/D+, Matthew/C

S1E04 – Welcome to the New World!: Evan/D, Matthew/D+

S1E05 – Welcome to Counseling!: Evan/B-, Matthew/B

S1E06 – Welcome to the Classroom!: Evan/B-, Matthew/B-

S1E07 – Welcome to the Moratorium!: Evan/C+, Matthew/C+

S1E08 – Welcome to China Town!: Evan/C-, Matthew/C-

S1E09 – Welcome to a Summer Day!: Evan/D+, Matthew/C-

S1E10 – Welcome to the Dark Side!: Evan/C-, Matthew/C

S1E11 – Welcome to the Conspiracy!: Evan/C+, Matthew/B-

S1E12 – Welcome to the ‘Off” Meeting!: Evan/C-, Matthew/B-

S1E13 – Welcome to Heaven!: Evan/D, Matthew/D

S1E14 – Welcome to Reality!: Evan/D, Matthew/D

S1E15 – Welcome to the Fantasy!: Evan/D+, Matthew/C-

S1E16 – Welcome to the Game Over!: Evan/D+, Matthew/C-

S1E17 – Welcome to Happiness!: Evan/C-, Matthew/C

S1E18 – Welcome to No Future!: Evan/D+, Matthew/C-

S1E19 – Welcome to the Bluebird!: Evan/C-, Matthew/C

S1E20 – Welcome to Winter Days!: Evan/D+, Matthew/D+

S1E21 – Welcome to the Reset!: Evan/D+, Matthew/C-

S1E22 – Welcome to God!: Evan/C-, Matthew/C

S1E23 – Welcome to Misaki!: Evan/C-, Matthew/C

S1E24 – Welcome to the N.H.K.!: Evan/B-, Matthew/B+