Author: Ryan McGinley

The Hunger Games (Film) Review

Jennifer Lawrence - one of the main reasons I love this movie.

Suzanne Collins’ book The Hunger Games was met with positive critical reception, and it gained a big fan following. Naturally, the success of the book and its two sequels garnered a film adaption. The news that a film adaption was on the way excited a lot of fans, but as more news came out about the movie, like the cast list and the rating, fans started to lower their expectations. Even through this, The Hunger Games does well by the fans, but at the cost of slightly blowing off newcomers.

Saints Row the Third: Genkibowl DLC Review

If you can't tell by this picture, this DLC keeps the zaniness that the main game is known for.

Since Saints Row the Third is my personal game of the year, I was extremely excited to hear that new DLC wasn’t far off. Now that the first of a few mission packs have released, I jumped back into the game and was ready for some crazy scenarios, explosive missions, and hilarious writing. Genkibowl VII delivers in most of these areas, but it can never grab hold of one main draw of Saints Row the Third; the fun. While there are good times to be had with Genkibowl, they come few and far between mundane tasks and areas of missions with lack of polish. 

Gears of War 3 Review

Colors AND women..... Epic went all out for this game.

And so it begins, fall is coming and that means plenty of triple-A titles are ready to drain our wallets. First up on the list is Gears of War 3. Will the newest Gears be able to stand up to some of the other titles coming out? Will we still see this game being played after the new year when everyone has their hands on Battlefield or Call of Duty? I think (and hope) so, or else I will be playing it alone.

Let’s Golf 3D Review: Accomplishing Its Goals

Let's Golf has an Iceland environment. If you squint hard enough, you might see Tiger Woods being chased by his Nordic ex-wife.

With the 3DS having a lackluster games library, it is nice to see a game show off the handheld’s power that stays consistently fun.  The colorful title has a full single-player mode, complete with a career, challenges, instant play, and free play. It also has a smaller two-player mode, that is played locally by passing off the handheld. This download-only title is available for only $6.99, and I found it to be worth every penny.