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Thoughts on The Walking Dead: “Clear”

Forgive But Never Forget…



Well this week’s episode certainly was pleasant surprise. After seeing the “next time” clip at the end of last week’s terrible episode, I had little hope for “Clear”. However, I should not have been so cynical for this week’s episode turned out to be a smart, character focused story in which stands out as one of the, if not the, best episodes this season.

Thoughts on The Walking Dead: I Ain’t A Judas

A Fools Hope

TWD_GP_311_0921_0286Well this season of the Walking Dead is certainly turning out to be another mixed bag. After a strong first half to the season, these last few weeks have been less than stellar, with the show moving at an alarmingly slow pace, and only a few standout moments. Unfortunately, this week turned out to be no different as the writers choose to focus on Andrea. To be fair I did have hope for her to redeem herself, especially since she was going to the prison for the first time, but alas no as “I Ain’t A Judas” turned out to be the worst episode in a season that began so strongly.

Thoughts on The Walking Dead: Home

Another One Bites The Dust that’s unfortunate. The Walking Dead series has been known to pull the rug out from underneath viewers, and this episode was no different. Unfortunately the ‘big surprise’ felt unwarranted, and felt like a way to quicken the pace of a few slow moving episode. While in all accounts not a horrible episode, “Home” felt like it tried to juggle too many stories and moments and all together came out as a jumbled mess with a surprise ending.

Thoughts on The Walking Dead: Hounded

Wanted Dead or Alive

Photo Courtesy of AMC

This season of  The Walking Dead has been going strong. With some wonderful performances and scenes that feel ripped right from the pages of Kirkman’s comic series, this season of the Walking Dead has come to prove what this series is capable of. “Hounded” however, came off as a different breed of animal. While I did not find it to be as poor as “Killer Within”, this weeks episode felt out of place- a middle man of sorts-  and ultimately felt like a brief introduction into the second half of this already halved season, the remaining eight episode airing in the new year.

Thoughts on The Walking Dead: Say the Word

All work and no play makes Rick a dull boy

So far this season of The Walking Dead has been a great success. While there have been one or two hiccups, particularly last week’s massacre at the prison, so far this season has wonderfully been able to blend the comics and new material into forty-five minutes of sheer excitement. Say the Word picked up the pace once again, even though it had alot of ground to cover.

Thoughts on The Walking Dead: Killer Within

Things quickly go to hell at the prison 

If I can give this week’s episode of The Walking Dead one compliment, it would be unexpected- and I use that in the worst sense of the word. The first three episodes of this season have been top notch, so much so that it quickly was becoming my favorite season, but this episode felt like it tried to pack in too much, which included some big decisions and some random, but not totally unexpected deaths.

American Vampire Volume III Review

Is the third time the charm with this instalment, or does this sweet tale fall victim to the fangs of its predecessors?

War may be hell, but these soldiers have already been from hell and back again

World War II rages in the Pacific. Lines are drawn and sides are taken. However, there is one war in which is not so easy to define- the war in which rages amongst the vampire races. In American Vampire Volume III writer Scott Snyder, along with fellow artists Rafael Albuquerque, Sean Murphy and Danijel Zezelj beautifully create two tales submeged in war and violence, and how each character must come to face these struggles, as well as the horror in which lies within themselves.

American Vampire Volume II Review

The all American vampire returns in this blood-soaked instalment, but is it just as sweet as its predecessor?

The city that never sleeps is going to need some rest after he's through with it

American Vampire Volume I was the perfect resurrection of the vampire genre. It mixed equal parts lore with intrigue and a great historical backdrop. After devouring the first instalment I wondered how Scott Snyder would develop this series moving forward. With Stephen King helping for only the first five issues, Snyder would be working solo — a daunting task especially after such a strong beginning. However, I should not have worried for Volume II is just as action packed and bloody as the first one.

American Vampire Volume II picks up approximately eleven years after the events in part one. Moving from sunny Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nevada, readers are introduced to Cash McCogan, a tough as nails cop sent to clean up the city that never sleeps. When individuals behind the construction of the Hoover Dam start dying, it is up to Cash to discover who, or what is responsible. This leads him into a world of corruption, violence, and a centuries old feud between an ancient race of vampire and the vampire with a sweet tooth- the American vampire.

American Vampire Volume I Review

Does this series bring fresh blood to vampire lore, or is it the final nail in the coffin?

The Face of a New Generation of Vampire

I’m going to be honest here. The only reason I ever discovered the Vertigo franchise American Vampire was because of Stephen King. In 2010, when the first volume came out, I was on a Stephen King binge, and thought it would be worth my while. I knew little about creator and co-writer Scott Snyder and that the only reason Stephen  King was attached to it was becuase Snyder had asked him. Little did I know that I was about to discover some of the best writers and artists in the industry today, along with one of the most enthralling vampire tales out there. 

American Vampire Volume One tells two tales simultaneously. The first is that of Pearl Jones. Set in the mid 1920’s, Pearl is a sweet and innocent actress who comes to discover the seedy underbelly of the film industry, and how it is being run by ancient European vampires. Attacked and left to die, Pearl is awoken by a shadowy figure, an individual who opens her up to a brand new world – where blood is a source of life and to kill means to survive.