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Error! Not Found’s 4th Annual Game of the Year Awards


We’ve all said it at one point or another, but it bears repeating: 2014 was pretty much ass. Purely focusing on the games-side of things, there were far more disappointing and broken games that released this year than any of us would have expected. Still, even in this most ass-y of years, there were still games that came out that were worth rewarding. But before we get to those games, let’s start off with a category that’s pretty representative of 2014 as a whole.

World War Z Review: Catching Some Zzz’s in the Zombie Apocalypse

There is a moment midway through World War Z where viewers see an all out zombie horde start pilling up the side of a wall trying to get to the living on the other side. Piling on top of one another, some finally make it to the other side, and also somehow take down a helicopter. I feel like this is the perfect metaphor for Marc Foster’s World War Z, starring Brad Pitt, for while there are some generally intriguing moments in the film that rise up above other zombie films, it seems that Marc Foster is trying to simply add one genre trope after another to make the film seem more epic, but ultimately pile up into one shambling mess of a film.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review

The Hobbit 1

I didn’t know what to expect for the first leg of this “Unexpected Journey,” but I came away feeling more conflicted than I thought I would. I think Peter Jackson is a fine director and the Lord of the Rings movies are truly great. However, this new trip back to Middle Earth is surprisingly bland.

The Hobbit is the very definition of the Hero’s Journey. An unexpected individual who knows far too little about the world he lives in is called to a grand adventure that takes him outside of his comfort zone. At first, he is reluctant to accept this responsibility and refuses the adventure placed upon him. But soon, our hero answers the call to adventure and the journey truly begins. He crosses over from the known to the unknown and embarks down a road of trials that will define who our hero is, and what he will become.

Skyfall Review: 007 Stands Tall at Skyfall

Skyfall is a rather unique specimen in the 007 franchise.  While it is the third installment with Daniel Craig playing the coveted role of James Bond,  and the 23rd Bond film overall,  Skyfall feels more like a true Bond reboot than its predecessor Casino Royale and the disappointing follow up Quantum of Solace. This is not to say that Casino Royale was not a great Bond film; it is one of my favorites. However, it focused simply on Craig as Bond. However under the hands of director Sam Mendes, Skyfall beautifully blends character, plot, action, and gadgets in a film that come to prove why James Bond has been on screen for the last fifty years.