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Opinion: Where Should Season Two of The Walking Dead Game Go?

*Warning: this piece contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Game


When Telltale announced that they would be creating an episodic The Walking Dead game I was cautiously optimistic. While I  enjoyed the idea of the game taking place in the comic book universe, I worried that they would not be able to capture what makes the comic series so great- being its character development and to a lesser degree the harrying tale of survival of Rick and his group. As my game of the year list illustrates however, I should not have worried, as The Walking dead game creates a finely crafted tale of survival and unconventional friendship in a world populated by the living dead.

Recently I completed the game with my girlfriend, and after witnessing the traumatic events of the ending and shedding a tear (a.k.a. openly sobbing), my mind went aflutter with the possibilities for the sequel. With Telltale announcing the development of the sequel in 2013, I have become greatly intrigued with what they will do next. Below you shall find a few ideas that I have been thinking about. It is highly unlikely that these will come into fruition, which is why they are nothing more than guess work from a fan who cannot wait to see what happens next.