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Tomodachi Life Review: Fleeting Charm

tomodachi lifeOn the morning of my fifth day with Tomodachi Life I booted up my 3DS and started the game. During the initial load a light caught my 3DS at just the right angle and I saw myself through the glare. Eyes drooping, mouth frowning, I looked into the mirror of my soul and wondered why. Why was I so desperate to see what my Miis were up to? Why won’t Chie and my look-alike start dating? Why does Evan like sports? Why is Michael upset? Why am I so set on checking my Island every 30 minutes for something new to do?

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 Review: Swan Song

Burial at SeaBurial at Sea is a weird piece of downloadable content. It’s as much fan service as it is Levine telling a different kind of story than Bioshock or Infinite that bridges two games. And now it is seen as a swan song to Irrational Games as a full-team studio. It’s weird. But there’s still something incredibly compelling about it that kept drawing me inward, closer and closer to my screen. My arms were tired and my back was sore, but I just had to know what was coming next.

Saints Row the Third: Genkibowl DLC Review

If you can't tell by this picture, this DLC keeps the zaniness that the main game is known for.

Since Saints Row the Third is my personal game of the year, I was extremely excited to hear that new DLC wasn’t far off. Now that the first of a few mission packs have released, I jumped back into the game and was ready for some crazy scenarios, explosive missions, and hilarious writing. Genkibowl VII delivers in most of these areas, but it can never grab hold of one main draw of Saints Row the Third; the fun. While there are good times to be had with Genkibowl, they come few and far between mundane tasks and areas of missions with lack of polish.