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Gears of War Judgment Review: A Breath of Fresh Air

A Raven lands in a war torn courtyard; faceless men clad in bulky armor and armed with chainsaw machine guns stand at the ready. A drab color palette completes the scene and confirms that Judgment is definitely a Gears of War game. The similarities stay concurrent throughout the game, but there are changes that make Judgment feel fresh and new, despite having a very similar aesthetic to the past games in the series.

God of War Ascension Review: A Well Run Dry

Yeah, but he is much more fun as a god.

Following up a critically acclaimed game can be tough. It can be even tougher when it’s considered one of the best games on its system. So what are some ways to make a successful prequel to an entire series that has grown with each installment? The answer does not lie within Sony Santa Monica’s God of War Ascension.

Assassin’s Creed 3 Review: Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Assassin’s Creed is one of the most prominent game series of the generation. Over the past four console releases, they have tried to be innovative, interesting, and fun by providing settings that step back into bits of history and locations that we haven’t explored much in most entertainment mediums. With Assassin’s Creed 3, Ubisoft has brought together multiple studios to, once again, try to provide a unique twist on history with a story told through fun gameplay, while finishing out the doomsday story they have been setting up over the past games.

The Campaign review: As Ludicrous as the Current State of Affairs

Pugs, Not Huggs.

I’d love more than anything else to put The Campaign with Knocked Up, The Forty Year-Old Virgin, and other absurd comedies that seek to entertain more than tell a meaningful story. They have heightened perceptions of reality and feature unrealistic situations just for the hell of it – and in many ways this is what The Campaign relies on to get through it’s story. However, because it’s about American politics, it necessarily causes people to think and make comparisons to how elections play out in real life.

Total Recall Review: O, Michael Bay, Where Art Thou?

The day to day imagination isn’t so fanciful.

And so we’ve come to another movie remake; one based on a movie that isn’t even twenty-five years old, and also one based on a story by noted sci-fi author Phillip K. Dick (We’ll Remember It For You Wholesale, if you’re curious). So, what one would hopefully expect to see, is a successful combination of the original Total Recall, and the sort of philosophic bent that recent movies based on stories by Dick and other noted sci-fi authors have taken, in addition to the regular summer blockbuster expectations.

Go On: Preview Episode Review

Chandl- I mean Matthew Perry takes the lead in the new ensemble show premiering this fall on NBC.

The annual rush of new shows is almost upon us, and one of NBC’s hopefully successful series stars veteran sit-com actor Matthew Perry at the head of an ensemble cast. The show tries to embrace comedy while have its foundation built on tragedy and loss. Can Perry and Friends writer and producer, Scott Silveri, team up to make a hit show, or will this series fall flat like many of Perry’s other ventures back into television?

Jak HD Collection: Review

Naughty Dog has been creating quality games for the better part of it’s existence. With triple-A titles like Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted to it’s name, Naughty Dog has a gained a huge following, and is now a household name to gamers around the world. After four critically acclaimed Crash Bandicoot games for the PSone, and with a new console generation on the horizon, Naughty Dog decided it was time to work on a new, more ambitious title. In late 2001, the Jak and Daxter series was born. Players raved at the large open environment and the familiar, but clean  gameplay. After 10 years, Jak and Daxter (as well as it’s 2 sequels) has been given an HD makeover. With the game industry having transformed the platformer/shooter formula so much, has the Jak series held up well enough for players to care about more than it’s new coat of paint?