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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Review: Traversing the Unknown

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Wallpaper Extra 03 1080pThe first thing you see upon starting The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a quote: “This game is a narrative experience that does not hold your hand.” It’s a bold, self-confident statement, and it’s emblematic of the game itself; there’s a refreshing degree of trust given to the player in Ethan Carter, especially compared to many other adventure games of the modern age. The decision also manages to avoid unnecessary frustration due to Ethan Carter‘s relatively limited interactivity. It also serves as a bit of a snobbish remark, one of the few indications The Astronauts give that links them to their past work at People Can Fly (a studio known for it’s gonzo, high-intensity shooters Painkiller and Bulletstorm). The quote is an almost comical juxtaposition of “hardcore-gamer” sensibilities, for a game that shares a lot in common with so-called walking simulators, but Ethan Carter proves itself with its extremely effective use of world-building.

The Cave Review: The Caveat

The Cave

Illustrious game designer Ron Gilbert has fascinated audiences with classic adventure games like The Secret of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion. He’s really the father of adventure games, and has been kicking around the idea for The Cave for a while now. However, frustrating design decisions and a myriad of technical bugs mars The Cave’s attempts to elicit old-school adventure game humor and style.

Opinion: Where Should Season Two of The Walking Dead Game Go?

*Warning: this piece contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Game


When Telltale announced that they would be creating an episodic The Walking Dead game I was cautiously optimistic. While I  enjoyed the idea of the game taking place in the comic book universe, I worried that they would not be able to capture what makes the comic series so great- being its character development and to a lesser degree the harrying tale of survival of Rick and his group. As my game of the year list illustrates however, I should not have worried, as The Walking dead game creates a finely crafted tale of survival and unconventional friendship in a world populated by the living dead.

Recently I completed the game with my girlfriend, and after witnessing the traumatic events of the ending and shedding a tear (a.k.a. openly sobbing), my mind went aflutter with the possibilities for the sequel. With Telltale announcing the development of the sequel in 2013, I have become greatly intrigued with what they will do next. Below you shall find a few ideas that I have been thinking about. It is highly unlikely that these will come into fruition, which is why they are nothing more than guess work from a fan who cannot wait to see what happens next.