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Thoughts on Breaking Bad: Say My Name

The king rises up to take his crystal crown

Photo Courtesy of AMC

First off I was going to have the subtitle to this review be “F**k you Walt”, but I thought it would be too ambiguous. However, it never the less aptly describes my sheer hatred for Walt now and the position that he has placed himself in as king of an empire.

This was perfectly shown in the intro of the episode, when Walt met with the opposing drug manufacturers looking to buy Mike and Jesse’s half of the methylamine. He was so quick to rip there form of meth apart, and dub it a knockoff. I particularly enjoyed the comparison of their meth being grade school t-ball and his the Yankees. It was also interesting to see how fellow competitors are trying to manufacture Walt and Jesse’s meth, but are ultimately failing, thus resorting to cheap parlor tricks like dying it blue. However, this whole conversation led to one question: who is Walt? “Say my name,” he demands the dealers. “You’re Heisenberg,” he humbly replies finally tying the pieces together. “You’re goddamn right!” Wow just wow. Walt certainly has made a name for himself and his arrogance in this light certainly shows. More, importantly this signified another turning point in his meth career. No longer is Walt taking orders. He is now delivering them and will make damn sure that his underlings know who they are dealing with.

Breaking Bad: “Live Free or Die” Review

The king of the crystal throne returns for his final season, but should he be praised?

*Warning this review contains spoilers

Breaking Bad, at its core, has always been about a man trying to help his family and in the process discover what he is truly capable of. Last season, viewers truly discovered just how conniving and deceitful Walter White can be. Now with his boss and nemesis Gustavo Fring dead and the cartel eliminated , Walter is now free to reign with an iron grasp. This would be all good and fun,but with everything taken care of and Walt at the top (seemingly), where does this master chef go from here? “Live free or die” tries to open up some new possibilities for this season, however comes to rely overly on cleaning up past mistakes.