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Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Review: Acid Redux

Persona-Q-Shadow-of-the-Labyrinth-ReviewI have spent a lot of time living from April 11th, 2011 to March 20th, 2012. I’ve lived it once, twice, three times. I’ve turned over the events in my head, and I’ve filled in the gaps. I’ve watched other people live that year, and I’ve read about other people living that year. I’ve thought about going back and living it again.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth thinks I should move on.

Why Can’t My Friends Be As Cool As Those Characters In Persona 4?

Persona 4I very rarely feel connected to characters in video games, or if I am, generally it’s only at the surface level. I can count on my hand the number of times a game’s narrative has drawn me in – specifically to its characters – and made me experience genuine emotions for them. Persona 4 is probably the title to best describe a game like this. It pulls me into a world not so different from my own. It gives me characters I can relate to, laugh at, protect, and even love.

[Spoilers for Persona 4, read at your own risk. They’re not super big, but if you’re a member of the Personathon then it might be beneficial not to read this. Mainly just the next two paragraphs are super spoiler-y. The rest isn’t too explicit.]

Catherine Review: Does Vincent Dream of Adulterous Sheep?

Catherine is a game that makes you think; not just because the puzzles require brain function to solve, but to think about relationships as well. Once the training wheels were off I suddenly found myself not playing a game, but a deep morality driven experience. Puzzles aside, Catherine asked me questions I never really thought of, but took the time to actually reflect on my answers, and how others might react to them. I wasn’t thinking in terms of “this is a game; law is one path, chaos is another.” I was thinking about my own experiences and how the relationships I’ve had have shaped me. This is the greatest achievement of Catherine, but also the greatest weakness.