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Breaking Bad: “Bug” Review

Walt, I think this is the end of a beautiful friendship

**Warning this review contains spoilers from the ninth episode of Breaking Bad. **

     Last week’s episode of Breaking Bad really got me excited about what’s to come. It set up the remainder of the season, while looking back at one of the greatest villains’ television has seen. This put a lot of pressure on Vince and the gang to make the remainder of the episodes count, and while “Bug”does not hit the layer of greatness that was “Hermanos”, it certainly packs more than enough punch to leave me looking forward to more.

     The episode begins on an intriguing note as the camera is simply focused on, of all things, someone’s shoes. Vince has a knack for using simple shots to set up his episodes (look at what he did all of season 2), and so you always know that it will certainly lead to something bigger. Well this was no exception, as blood slowly drips onto the shoes, and puddles on the floor. It was at this moment that I knew that s**t was going to go down. This was the episode that Walt and Jesse were going to come to a crossroads. Turns out I was right as the scene than magnificently transitions to the clean pair of shoes, that just so happen to belong to good ol’ Mr. White. This was such a great way to start off the episode, as despite knowing the ending of it, it forces you to see just how bad their relationship gets, and oh boy does it ever.