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Child of Eden (PS3) review

Sensory and Synaesthesia

 More and more do I feel like there are some gamers that can’t appreciate what a game is, just for what it is. Now, games have to meet a set of arbitrary requirements, or they’re automatically crap. They have to have a certain graphical quality, a specific control scheme, a precise balance between story and gameplay, and the right method of distribution to be considered good. If a game fails to meet any or all of this criteria, it’s derided as being ugly, too obtuse, boring, and/or overpriced. It’s faulted for its surface qualities and, despite how much fun a game may be or what experiences it may present while it’s being played, it often can’t get out of the “oh it has too many cutscenes” stigma or the incessant “why can’t it play like Call of Duty?” questioning.