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Crash Test: Halo 4

Okay, okay, I like Halo. Ryan was shocked. Maybe you are too. Regardless, we recorded this pretty extensive look at both the campaign and multiplayer of Halo 4. For those extra worried about spoilers, we play about ten minutes of the first mission of the game before diving into some Big Team Battle fun. (Also, apologies on some audio weirdness and echo. This remains a learning process.)

Crash Test: Intel Discovered

In a feverous haze one Tuesday night, Evan sent me a link to a new Kinect indie title. Within moments of briefly skimming the press release and seeing that it said FMV, Kinect, and Chris Evans, I dropped everything I was doing and rushed to my Xbox. Fearing this was some kind of joke or PR stunt or something, I thought I should download it as soon as possible before it gets pulled for being too crazy or something. Well, it’s plenty crazy and we played through the whole thing so you won’t have to.