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DRM Doesn’t Work

simcityI had my copy of SimCity ready to be installed and I was eager to play. At the designated time of release, I entered my 25-digit product key and hit the download button. Nothing happened. The download servers were already at peak capacity and no one could download the game they had purchased. Luckily, I had a physical copy of the game, so I did something I haven’t done since probably 2005: I put a physical game disc in my disc drive and installed it from there. Around fifteen minutes later my install was complete and I was ready to start playing SimCity.

Nope, that definitely didn’t happen.

Error! Report #039 (And What A Year It’s Been)

We realize that it’s only #039 and there are 52 weeks in a year, but this is the anniversary of Error! Report and Error! Not Found. In this episode we discuss Nintendo’s crazy nature, the 2011 QuakeCon, and video games! The past, present, and future of Error! Not Found and the podcast are discussed in this episode as we reminisce on what a year it’s been.

Diablo 3 Review (PC) Evil has finally returned…. Should anyone care?

It’s been twelve long years since players were asked to defeat evil in Blizzard’s epic Diablo 2. After the years of clamoring for a third installment, players are once again called to defeat evil in the mysterious world of Sanctuary. Although the excitement for Diablo 3 has seemingly not diminished at all, it has met it’s share of skeptics, many calling the game out on it’s “colorful” visuals and it’s “overly simplified” skill system. Could these issues be enough to stop Diablo 3 from satisfying it’s adoring fans for over a decade as it’s predecessors have?