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Mario Golf: World Tour Review: The More the Merrier?

Nintendo has recently been on a downward spiral. Setting the Wii U aside, there is still a persistent issue on the software side of things. Recent releases like New Super Mario Bros., upcoming titles such as Hyrule Warriors, and the miserable failure that was The Year of Luigi have all been followed by the resounding question: “Why?” Add another game to the list for the questioning, because Mario Golf: World Tour is here.

To Infinity and Beyond: What I Would Like in Bioshock Infinite’s DLC

To begin, I would like to say that this post will contain a fair amount of spoilers so read at your own risk. 

Bioshock is not just a game. It is a masterpiece in storytelling, as you have likely heard from many other critics and review sites, such as our own. This is not to be debated; it is a fact set in stone no matter what reality tear you are in.  As I write this my mouth is still agape from the ending events and how complex and astounding they are. With the concluding events now behind me and the intrigue of forthcoming DLC on the horizon, I became curious as to what Irrational Games could possibly do. While I would like to obviously see new vigor’s and weapons, I am far more curious with the story and where it could place players within the floating skylines of Columbia, and with whom they would come to interact with. Following are a few hopeful wishes for the DLC and how it will further come to shape Booker, Columbia, and all of its inhabitants.

Saints Row the Third: Genkibowl DLC Review

If you can't tell by this picture, this DLC keeps the zaniness that the main game is known for.

Since Saints Row the Third is my personal game of the year, I was extremely excited to hear that new DLC wasn’t far off. Now that the first of a few mission packs have released, I jumped back into the game and was ready for some crazy scenarios, explosive missions, and hilarious writing. Genkibowl VII delivers in most of these areas, but it can never grab hold of one main draw of Saints Row the Third; the fun. While there are good times to be had with Genkibowl, they come few and far between mundane tasks and areas of missions with lack of polish.