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Thoughts on The Walking Dead: “Welcome to the Tombs”

The Governor Comes to Take the Prison as Season 3 Closes

Photo Courtesy of AMC
Photo Courtesy of AMC

The Walking Dead as an entirety has had a great many ups and downs throughout its three seasons. As season two drew to a close last year, and viewers got their first glimpse of the prison, I, along with countless  of others no doubt, grew increasingly anxious about Rick and the prison, as well as meeting the infamous Governor. However, as season three progressed,  I grew less and less hopeful. “Welcome to the Tombs” was the final nail in the coffin as season three came to close in pitiful fashion, easily making this season the worst thus far.

Cloud Atlus Review: The Wachowski Cycle

The Wachowski siblings originally shocked the world with The Matrix, an incredibly ambitious and important action movie from 1999. The latter two movies were absurd, rhetoric nonsense that completely diminished the love most people had towards that original Matrix movie. It’s funny how Cloud Atlas is mainly about lives being cyclical and all past mistakes will repeat themselves throughout history, because Cloud Atlas is also absurd, rhetoric nonsense by the Wachowski siblings.

The OG 151: Pokemon Snap

I’ve become tired of hearing people talk about Pokémon and reference some fake Pokémon that is not a part of the original 151. If you’re not playing Pokémon Yellow, Pokémon Snap, or some other game that only deals with the original 151 then you’re not actually playing Pokémon. Thus, I’ve elected myself the official Error! Not Found Poké-expert or whatever.