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Community Super Replay: Star Wars: Episode 1 – Part 8: Welcome to the Dark Side

Welcome to our Community Super Replay of Star Wars: Episode 1 on Playstation. We’ll be playing through what most people believe to be a solid Playstation 1 game (Or at least a decent one). We find out that this is indeed one of the greatest misconceptions ever conceived.

Rage Clint: Deadly Premonition Playthrough (Part 5)

By: Kyle Lock

In case you haven’t been up to speed on what’s been going on, our very own Clint Prentice is going through the entire game “Deadly Premonition” as part of a bet that he lost to. This adventure has led to some strange oddities and the discovery that the game has a strange appeal while it holds a terrible place in Clint’s rage at the same time. We still have a long ways to go before we see the end of this, but we are releasing videos every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday until it’s all over. Be sure to check out the latest episode below.

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