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Skyfall Review: 007 Stands Tall at Skyfall

Skyfall is a rather unique specimen in the 007 franchise.  While it is the third installment with Daniel Craig playing the coveted role of James Bond,  and the 23rd Bond film overall,  Skyfall feels more like a true Bond reboot than its predecessor Casino Royale and the disappointing follow up Quantum of Solace. This is not to say that Casino Royale was not a great Bond film; it is one of my favorites. However, it focused simply on Craig as Bond. However under the hands of director Sam Mendes, Skyfall beautifully blends character, plot, action, and gadgets in a film that come to prove why James Bond has been on screen for the last fifty years.

Cloud Atlus Review: The Wachowski Cycle

The Wachowski siblings originally shocked the world with The Matrix, an incredibly ambitious and important action movie from 1999. The latter two movies were absurd, rhetoric nonsense that completely diminished the love most people had towards that original Matrix movie. It’s funny how Cloud Atlas is mainly about lives being cyclical and all past mistakes will repeat themselves throughout history, because Cloud Atlas is also absurd, rhetoric nonsense by the Wachowski siblings.

The Cabin in the Woods Review

So a jock and a pot head end up in a cabin in the woods…

That is going to be one tough rubik's cube to solve

What is there to say about The Cabin in the Woods that will not spoil anything? Well its fracking brilliant for one thing. Producer and co-writer Joss Whedon, and director Drew Goddard,  truly have out done themselves in a film that is equally about mocking the horror genre and film-going as a whole, as it is crafting a brilliant fantasy horror film.