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My Two Cents: God of War’s Trophy

Note: Minor spoilers will follow for God of War Ascension’s story.

Recently in the gaming industry, God of War Ascension has been getting a lot of buzz for one of its trophies that you receive after a boss battle against two of the Furies. This trophy, “Bros before Hos,” was patched the first day of the games release to the public to now read “Bros before Foes.” I have heard many reasons for people to be against the naming of this trophy, such as it advocating violence against women, or it being a more broad representation of the more tasteless and juvenile aspects of the gaming industry. I figured I would like to voice my opinion on this matter, and what better place to do it than in an editorial.

Darksiders 2 Review: Dance with Death in the Pale Moonlight

The team at Vigil Games started with the ambitious Darksiders, a title that took some of the industry’s best game concepts and brought them together. God of War, The Legend of Zelda, Portal; all of these were a major influence in the studio’s first major release. With the sequel, Vigil has fleshed out these concepts and added new RPG mechanics like loot and leveling. This new mash-up creates Darksiders 2, one of the most enjoyable games of 2012.