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Murdered: Soul Suspect Review: Botched Execution

Murdered Soul Suspect

Outside of sequels to games I’ve really enjoyed, I typically only get excited for games that sound conceptually interesting. And if nothing else Murdered: Soul Suspect has a good conceptual hook. you’re cast as a ghost detective who has to solve his own murder. Now this sounds like an idea rife with potentially compelling mechanical and narrative possibilities (last I checked, “Ghost Murder Mystery” isn’t a super populated genre). Unfortunately, Murdered: Soul Suspect doesn’t really explore these to any meaningful extent. It’s a largely pleasant time for its eight hour duration, but my main take-away from Murdered: Soul Suspect was disappointment.

Error! Not Found’s 2nd Annual Game of the Year Awards

gotydayfourIt was an odd year for games. Entering 2012, there were a lot of games that the staff was looking forward to, but I think everyone would agree that our final award winners were much different from what we would’ve expected. This was a year of low-profile surprises and high-profile disappointments, in equal measure. So without further ado…