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Breaking Bad: “Face Off” Review

Season 4 comes to a close with a boom, and a sickeningly appropriate title

**Warning this review contains spoilers from the fourth season finale of Breaking Bad **

Photo Courtesy of AMC

Due to time constraints as of late, this review is a bit late. For this reason I will go into the episode as I normally would, as well as provide my opinions on the season as a whole in a second post. Also since there are not alot of decent pics for this episode I am going to add some of my personal favorites that I found. Cheers and enjoy!

Holy sh!t! Holy sh!t! Holy sh!t! Alright got that out of my system.  Breaking Bad has never been the type of show to end calmly, and “Face Off” was no exception. As per usual great character moments, along with a blend of action and a hint of mystery made this episode predictable, and yet still amasing, leading to one of the best finale’s this series, or any series has seen.

Breaking Bad: “Crawl Space” Review

Madness descends as past decisions rise to hurt those that Walt loves most

**Warning this review contains spoilers from the eleventh episode of Breaking Bad **

Photo Courtesy of AMC

Coming into this week’s episode of Breaking Bad I had no idea what to expect. After the greatness that was last week’s episode, all I could do was wait in eager anticipation for what came next. Well this week’s episode, Crawl Space, was unexpected to say the least, as Walt dives into madness, and things get crazy.

The opening shot begins the episode rather sinisterly, and reflects the absolute madness of the episode overall, as medical professional take out their extensive medical equipment in preparation for whom we can only assume is Gus and Mike. As Jesse blares the horn of the car going to the medical station, and nearly drives through the place, doctors are already on their way grabbing Gus and brining him inside. As they focus on Gus, Mike is left bleeding in the car, Jesse by his side. “This man needs help!” Jesse yells to the doctors in reference to Mike. “This man pays my salary,” the doctor slyly responds. This irked me just as much as it did Jesse. Mike has been nothing but a loyal ally, and great hit man for Gus. Yet when it comes down to it, Gus’ life is worth more, and Mike is just another body. In terms of Jesse though, I think this bugged him because he is essentially the same thing a Mike, replaceable, and so ultimately his future is uncertain.  

Breaking Bad: “Salud” Review

Character heavy moments, and one hell of an ending lead to me changing my trousers one amazing episode

**Warning this review contains spoilers from the tenth episode of Breaking Bad **

So remember when I was pretty harsh on this season of Breaking Bad? Saying that they had to pick up the pace and what have you? Well today I eat my words. This week’s episode of Breaking Bad comprised of everything that makes this series great. The bold and sometimes heartfelt character moments; the intrigue; the mass murder: you know the usual. This week’s episode followed along the same lines of “Hermanos”, as lines are drawn that will forever shape the rest of this series.