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Jak HD Collection: Review

Naughty Dog has been creating quality games for the better part of it’s existence. With triple-A titles like Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted to it’s name, Naughty Dog has a gained a huge following, and is now a household name to gamers around the world. After four critically acclaimed Crash Bandicoot games for the PSone, and with a new console generation on the horizon, Naughty Dog decided it was time to work on a new, more ambitious title. In late 2001, the Jak and Daxter series was born. Players raved at the large open environment and the familiar, but clean ¬†gameplay. After 10 years, Jak and Daxter (as well as it’s 2 sequels) has been given an HD makeover. With the game industry having transformed the platformer/shooter formula so much, has the Jak series held up well enough for players to care about more than it’s new coat of paint?