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Crash Test: Halo 4

Okay, okay, I like Halo. Ryan was shocked. Maybe you are too. Regardless, we recorded this pretty extensive look at both the campaign and multiplayer of Halo 4. For those extra worried about spoilers, we play about ten minutes of the first mission of the game before diving into some Big Team Battle fun. (Also, apologies on some audio weirdness and echo. This remains a learning process.)

Rise of Nightmares: Review

He was trying to tell you not to play this game.

I was legitimately excited when I heard Rise of Nightmares was coming out. I saw a demo and felt a unique atmosphere building as the main character descended further into the madness that infects the eerie castle he is trapped in. I thought they could pull it off. I thought they could master the Kinect controls, giving me precise and accurate movement when swinging a weapon. I thought the story was going to be full of B-level horror fun, if not frightening and horrific. Rise of Nightmares is horrific, but for all the wrong reasons.