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Resident Evil 6 Review: No More Tears

I’d like to start this review with a disclaimer (which I’ve never done before). There are three main campaigns in Resident Evil 6, with a fourth that unlocks upon completion of the rest. I made it a chapter into this fourth campaign, but gave up due to a string of aggravating and inscrutable puzzles. You can say what you will: that I’m not fit to review this game, or that I’m an impatient player. But with this disclaimer, I have at least made my process somewhat transparent. I’ve spent 20 hours with the game, and nothing in the last two to three hours would change my opinion on the whole. If that is unsatisfactory to you as the reader, then feel free to discount my opinion entirely.

I don’t do this often. Even a game I utterly hated, Final Fantasy XIII-2, I saw through to the end. Resident Evil 6 is a very different case. It’s a game that ate away at both me and my co-op partner, daring us to slog through unimaginable excess. When I realized that the fourth campaign was taking place in the same basic environments that I’d repeated two, sometimes three times, I stopped. And I don’t regret it. 

The Hunger Games (Film) Review

Jennifer Lawrence - one of the main reasons I love this movie.

Suzanne Collins’ book The Hunger Games was met with positive critical reception, and it gained a big fan following. Naturally, the success of the book and its two sequels garnered a film adaption. The news that a film adaption was on the way excited a lot of fans, but as more news came out about the movie, like the cast list and the rating, fans started to lower their expectations. Even through this, The Hunger Games does well by the fans, but at the cost of slightly blowing off newcomers.