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Crash Test: Halo 4

Okay, okay, I like Halo. Ryan was shocked. Maybe you are too. Regardless, we recorded this pretty extensive look at both the campaign and multiplayer of Halo 4. For those extra worried about spoilers, we play about ten minutes of the first mission of the game before diving into some Big Team Battle fun. (Also, apologies on some audio weirdness and echo. This remains a learning process.)

The OG 151: Pokemon Snap

I’ve become tired of hearing people talk about Pokémon and reference some fake Pokémon that is not a part of the original 151. If you’re not playing Pokémon Yellow, Pokémon Snap, or some other game that only deals with the original 151 then you’re not actually playing Pokémon. Thus, I’ve elected myself the official Error! Not Found Poké-expert or whatever.

Crash Test: Intel Discovered

In a feverous haze one Tuesday night, Evan sent me a link to a new Kinect indie title. Within moments of briefly skimming the press release and seeing that it said FMV, Kinect, and Chris Evans, I dropped everything I was doing and rushed to my Xbox. Fearing this was some kind of joke or PR stunt or something, I thought I should download it as soon as possible before it gets pulled for being too crazy or something. Well, it’s plenty crazy and we played through the whole thing so you won’t have to.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review (Xbox 360)

Since 1986, Bethesda has been working diligently to make games for people to enjoy. It wasn’t until 1994 however that they released their first real success; The Elder Scrolls: Arena. Since then The Elder Scrolls has gained a huge following and has sold more and more with each of it’s four direct sequels. Following in its predecessors footsteps, Skyrim attempts to be the next big thing. But can it possibly duplicate, or even expand on the sense of awe players experienced in past entries?