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Thoughts on Breaking Bad: Rabid Dog

“What’s one more?”


Thus far the final season of Breaking Bad has been a non-stop thrill ride leading to the sure to be explosive finally. However this week’s episode felt like a setup for the final four episodes of the series. While this may not have been one of its finest episodes, Breaking Bad always manages to make even the most mundane scenarios seem intense and important, which is exactly what “Rapid Dog” did.

Thoughts on Breaking Bad: Blood Money

The End is Nigh for Heisenberg


*This one is a week late as I have been travelling the wilderness and now I finally have an internet connection once more. Enjoy!

The final eight. It all comes down this!

Like the first episode of season five, we were teased with another bleak glimpse into Walter’s future. At first I did not even recognize the house, but it became quite apparent who’s place it was after someone spray-painted ‘Heseinberg’ across the wall in big fluorescent letters. The show has been using these flash forwards’ sparingly thus far, but I think it will become a habit in the remaining episodes. I completely forgot about the ricin, and as Walt leaves his house and sees his now former neighbor and sinisterly utters “Hello Carol”, chills came over me and I sat there both confused and enthralled as the smoky credits rolled.

Thoughts on Breaking Bad: Gliding Over All

A husband, a father, a dealer, a king

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Walt Whitman, a famous American poet, has a brief poem entitled “Gliding Over All”. It goes as such:

Glinding o’er all, through all,
Through Nature, Time, and Space,
As a ship on the waters advancing,
The voyage of the soul–not life alone,
Death, many deaths I’ll sing.

Breaking Bad has had its fair share of breakthroughs and revelations, but none so big as this. Plus, leave it to the writers to reveal it in such a comical and brilliant manner. However, before I move on to the end of the episode we must glide over the rest of it.

Thoughts on Breaking Bad: Say My Name

The king rises up to take his crystal crown

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First off I was going to have the subtitle to this review be “F**k you Walt”, but I thought it would be too ambiguous. However, it never the less aptly describes my sheer hatred for Walt now and the position that he has placed himself in as king of an empire.

This was perfectly shown in the intro of the episode, when Walt met with the opposing drug manufacturers looking to buy Mike and Jesse’s half of the methylamine. He was so quick to rip there form of meth apart, and dub it a knockoff. I particularly enjoyed the comparison of their meth being grade school t-ball and his the Yankees. It was also interesting to see how fellow competitors are trying to manufacture Walt and Jesse’s meth, but are ultimately failing, thus resorting to cheap parlor tricks like dying it blue. However, this whole conversation led to one question: who is Walt? “Say my name,” he demands the dealers. “You’re Heisenberg,” he humbly replies finally tying the pieces together. “You’re goddamn right!” Wow just wow. Walt certainly has made a name for himself and his arrogance in this light certainly shows. More, importantly this signified another turning point in his meth career. No longer is Walt taking orders. He is now delivering them and will make damn sure that his underlings know who they are dealing with.

Thoughts on Breaking Bad: “Buyout”

Just when they thought they were out, Heisenberg pulls them back in

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Let’s cut to the chase: “Buyout” was not as great an episode as “Dead Freight”, but quite honestly that is a tough act to follow. While this episode does not surmount to the sheer tension that arose in the previous episode, it shows what Walt and the gang do best: how to clean up after their (bloody) messes. And what a mess it was.

Thoughts on Breaking Bad: “Dead Freight”

There’s no room for dead weight on Heisenberg’s freight

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 Well now I have seen everything. Breaking Bad has had a lot of really strange episodes that blend multiple genres, but making a western themed episode that is just absurd.  In fact it’s so absurd that it actually works, as “Dead Freight” is another perfect episode if what is easily becoming the best season of Breaking Bad.

Now let me tell you, I am a sucker for Western’s and so when Walt, Jesse, and Mike, along with the information from Lydia, planned on robbing a train, I nearly squealed with excitement. Just like “The Great Train Robbery” or truly any Western heist film, this heist was one for the books.

Thoughts on Breaking Bad: “Fifty-One”

It’s White versus White in this enlightening episode

*See my previous review if you are confused by the layout

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 I’m just going to start off by saying the beginning of this episode was just great Breaking Bad fun. Walt finding his Heisenberg hat it the car, followed by the immediate transformation into a suave salesman, and the sly comment to the repairman having to fix everything but Walt’s car window. This episode started with a calm, light plot point, but only got more dramatic and complicated as the episode moved on.

Thoughts on Breaking Bad: “Hazard Pay”

An empire continues to rise amidst the ashes of the old

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Hey folks the following three reviews are going to be a bit different as they are so late. I have been out town for awhile now and was unable to see, let alone write a review. These will be a couple paragraphs long. No explanation, just opinions and thoughts. I hope you enjoy never the less.

What can I aside from Breaking Bad has been firing on all cylinders this season. Despite some qualms I have with the episodes, these do not hold a light to the genuine genius that has been occurring line to line within these episodes. “Hazard Pay”, further proves this, making it my favorite episode so far this season.